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In this day and age, the first interaction your client may have with you is through your website.  Make that interaction count!  Our web designers have been in the industry for years and will stop at nothing to ensure that your website stands out from the rest.

Our web designers emphasize:

A professional and creative design

A website outline that keeps potential clients interested and reading

A design that highlights your firm’s qualifications and services

Cutting-edge photo and video enhancements to maximize potential clients’ experience

We guarantee the highest quality designs without breaking your budget!

Why hire Court Post for you website?

We operate a little differently than our competitors for a number of reasons:
1. We understand your business. A lawyer’s website is unique- we strive to find the perfect balance between professionalism and creativity.
2. Our web designers work very closely with our legal content writers every step of the way. This differentiates us.  To put it simply, unless design and content are developed together you are doing something wrong!
3. We keep costs low without sacrificing quality.  Competitors will have you believe that the more expensive the website the better the quality.  That may have been true a few years ago, but times have changed!
4. We take ethics seriously. Our in-house attorneys ensure that everything with your firm’s name on it complies with your state’s Rules of Professional Conduct.
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