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North Carolina

Every State brings its own unique marketing challenges, including compliance with North Carolina’s Rules of Professional Conduct, and North Carolina is no different.   Don’t let these challenges slow you down!  Court Post’s in-house attorneys review each and every marketing piece as part of our comprehensive process.  We ensure compliance with State Rules allowing you to focus on providing top notch legal services.

Unlike our competitors, we do not saturate the market.  We are careful to only service one (1) attorney/law firm per jurisdiction and guarantee that our clients’ leads do not overlap with another client.  Therefore, a client signed up in Charlotte for Criminal leads will be our only client in that jurisdiction for those leads.  Contact us to learn more about why our direct mail marketing for attorneys in North Carolina is the way to go!

Whether you are in Mecklenburg, Wake County, or Guildford County we have you covered.  We serve attorneys all throughout North Carolina, including Criminal Defense Attorneys, Estate Attorneys, Bankruptcy Attorneys, just to name a few.

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North Carolina Bar Resources

The North Carolina Bar: for more information about the North Carolina State Bar.

North Carolina Rules of Professional Conduct: to find North Carolina’s Rules of Professional Conduct, including the Rules on Attorney Advertising.

North Carolina Bar Ethics: to access North Carolina’s Rules on Professional Conduct, Ethics Articles, Proposed Rule Amendments, and Adopt Opinions.

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